Monday, June 04, 2007

Not Much Blogging, But Lots of New Thinking.

Fred Whittlesey

Compensation Venture Group, Inc.

Yes, it's been over five months since the last post to this blog, but that's because I've been channeling a lot of new content through other media and accumulating some blog topics to be launched under a new distribution deal this summer (stay tuned, as they say). So check out some of the other new information that deals with the latest compensation-related topics:

My presentation at WorldatWork's 2006 Annual Conference, The Real Meaning of ROI...for Compensation Professionals, was been named one of the highest-rated and best-attended sessions there and was repeated as a webcast in January and can still be heard through on-demand audio download (WorldatWork event code PSOWEB0637).

My podcast, Keeping Up...with Fred Whittlesey, created monthly for Global Equity Organization is now distributed through iTunes. My most recent guest was Anne Ruddy, President of WorldatWork - listen to it by clicking here.

The Compensation Committee Adviser was launched last fall as a blog-formatted update for Compensation Committee members

My presentation at the annual WorldatWork conference, The New ROI of Executive Pay, had a great turnout despite being slotted at the very end of the last day of a week of beautiful weather in Orlando.

I've been working with WorldatWork to deliver the first-ever online versions of some certification courses - I was honored to be the initiating instructor for each of these experiments in moving classroom-based education to a web-based format:

Accounting and Finance for HR Professionals (T2)

Principles of Executive Rewards (C6), and

Advanced Concepts in Executive Compensation (C6A) being presented for the first time in August

Next stop is the Global Equity Organization Annual Conference in London where I'll be co-presenting with Alan Judes of Strategic Remuneration on the topic "Two Nations Divided by A Common Language - Corporate Governance Influences in the US and UK."

And, I have been invited to write a chapter in The Compensation Handbook and I think my draft was due yesterday. Gotta go.

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