Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hey, Look Over There!

Fred Whittlesey
Compensation Venture Group, Inc.

I have a large backlog of topics to address on this blog and until I do I'll direct you to some other content I've developed - look over there!

The Compensation Committee Adviser: Global Warming and Compensation Committees - Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) adds the newest layer of opinion to the executive compensation debate, joining the IRS, SEC, Moody's and others in the executive pay debate.

Keeping Up...with Fred Whittlesey - a new audiocast (soon to be a videocast) sponsored by Global Equity Organization. My first guest was Mark Schwanhausser, Personal Finance Reporter with the San Jose Mercury News. Tune in 15 December when my guest will be Alan Judes of Strategic Remuneration - we'll discuss whether the US and the UK are divided by a common language when it comes to executive pay.

The Real Meaning of ROI for HR Professionals - My WorldatWork webcast presented on 01 November was an update of the presentation that received a "Best of Conference" award at the 2006 Annual Conference. You can view the webinar playback here.

The New ROI of Executive Pay - the topic of the last issue of The Compensation Committee Adviser has been accepted for presentation at WorldatWork's 2007 Conference in Orlando.

See the homepage of my firm's website to view some other available content that you may find useful.

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